Welcome to Rachel "Yeonni" Shin's small corner of the internet.

Rachel is currently pursuing a MA in Clinical Social Work at New York University and is a firm believer of the power positive psychology, personal empowerment, and self-care therapy. Her ultimate goal in life is to live a life of purpose and compassion.

GROWTH: This is the collection of my thoughts and revelations as I grow each day as a woman, an individual in society, as a professional, as an Asian-American, as a human person. Hopefully my reflections will stimulate thought and inquiry and will also be able to empower you as an individual and encourage you in any way. 

LIFESTYLE: So I dabble in everything. EVERYTHING. Whether it's crafting or interior decorating or fashion blogging or creating YouTube films or reviewing makeup or planning outreach events to help local animal shelters. Yes, everything. I also travel here and there and as an extremely nostalgic person love to document as much as I can of my travels. Here I share all my uncategorizable "dabblings" in my many passions in the hopes that they could, of course, inspire you to pursue tangible happiness in the every day. 

FASHION&BEAUTY: I'm most definitely not a makeup guru, or a fashionista that always knows what to wear for what occassion. But I most definitely absolutely love watching countless hours of beauty tutorials and trying new looks and makeup products and have so much fun watching lookbooks and also trying new trends. While I am no professional, it's just fun dabbling in fashion and beauty so here I thought I would share with you product reviews, tips I've gathered along the way as a beauty and fashion lover, and even first impressions!